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The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Feb 11, 2022

If you lost your hair during chemo and had to endure the weird regrowth stages, watched it grow back looking like someone else’s hair, or watched it thin due to menopause and hormone treatments then you know…it’s not just hair. 

But you may have heard that comment from others along the way. 

Hair and our identity are closely entwined. 

We change our hair to fit our stage of life, reflect our personality, and fit into religious or cultural norms. 

We judge people based on what their hair looks like 

We envy thick, lush hair. 

It signifies youth, fertility, sexuality and so much more. 

A bad hair day can affect your self-confidence and not allowing yourself to experience the emotions that your thoughts around hair loss bring up can create more pain than the loss itself. 

In this show, I’ll dig into hair, what it means to us, how we can think about it in healthier ways, and what solutions are available to support your healthy locks while you love yourself along the way. 


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