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The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

May 20, 2022

Finding yourself on this side of a breast cancer diagnosis is not easy. It’s not something you expect to happen in your life and it’s not something you expect to have long-lasting repercussions. Yet, it does. The trauma of treatment and survival and the unsettling space of adjusting to life after treatment can have a powerful emotional toll.

So why is it so hard for women to reach out for help?

Why do we think there’s something wrong or shameful about treating our emotional illness but not our physical illness?

Depression and anxiety are common occurrences after breast cancer, and no one should have to go through them alone or feel ashamed of getting support.

In this episode, I’ll share some insights on the importance of valuing your mental health and treating yourself with grace and compassion when you need extra support.

No one goes through breast cancer alone and no one should struggle with the aftermath alone.

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