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Better Than Before Breast Cancer with The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Sep 9, 2022

Think back to when you were diagnosed with breast cancer. Did a story come to mind of what that meant and what your life would look like as a result of it? 

What about your thoughts on turning 40, 50, or starting a business, or traveling to an exotic location? All of those stories create boxes that we easily get stuck in. 

We find ourselves living our lives and managing our healing by our collection of other people’s thoughts on what life experiences should look like. 

But, what if you didn’t? 

What would be different if you threw out all the boxes created by you and everyone who’s given you a box throughout your life? 

Scary to think about? I know. 

In this episode, I’ll tell you about the importance of doing things your way when it comes to making life choices and why it’s never too late to start doing things for the first time. 

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