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The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Feb 27, 2018

Are you aware of how many natural foods and spices may support your body in fighting off cancer?

There is a lot of information out there, but how do these things work and how do you comfortably work them into your lifestyle?

Learn about a spice that has been a significant part of health and healing in Ayurveda for centuries, and in the past few years has gained many accolades for its healing and antioxidant properties in western clinical studies.

Then listen in on how the way we talk about ourselves and how we view ourselves impacts our health and happiness.

Do you value yourself based on superficial attributes and allow that perception to chip away at your confidence and living the life you deserve?

If so, you're not alone. However, its time to change those thoughts and perceptions by gaining an understanding and awareness of what you are doing to yourself, maybe even unbeknownst to you.

In this episode you'll gain some valuable health tips and you'll feel empowered to love yourself and to set that example for other women who may not realize their true value.