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Better Than Before Breast Cancer with The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Nov 10, 2023

Have you ever noticed how you talk yourself into staying uncomfortable? 

It happens when you know something in life doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s served it’s purpose, or maybe you’ve changed and you need something different or you want to express your need or dream for the first time ever. 

Then you tell yourself things aren’t so bad.  

You tell yourself you “should” be happy. 

You “should” be grateful. 

And in doing that you avoid looking at what is actually happening, and you create low level, long term discomfort. 

That’s the kind of thing that makes us sick. 

In this episode, I’ll talk about why we do that to ourselves and how to stop it. 

There’s a simple beauty in accepting life as it is now and giving yourself permission to stay in it and embrace the truth. 

Check out this episode and learn to okay with what is so you can make it even better. 

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