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Better Than Before Breast Cancer with The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Dec 26, 2019

In this episode you’ll hear from Dr. Robert Nagourney, Founder and Medical director of the Nagourney Cancer Institute .

Dr. Nagourney’s accomplishments include 100s of manuscripts, book chapters and abstracts including publications in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Gynecologic Oncology, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and British Journal of Cancer.

He’s the Clinical Professor at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine and has been internationally recognized as a pioneer in cancer research and personalized cancer treatment for over 20 years.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

-Why we need change in the area of cancer treatment

-What personalized cancer care looks like and why it’s important

-The importance of participating in your treatment

-What options are available to cancer patients to ensure they’re receiving the most effective treatments

-The importance of lifestyle in treating and recovering from cancer

-The need for awareness in living with metastatic disease

-A powerful medicine with many benefits in supporting your health.

Dr. Nagourney’s experience and knowledge is matched by his empathy and compassion for the cancer patient as well as his advocacy for more effective, personalized treatments that will support the survival of more cancer patients and potentially lessen the long term side effects of exposure to unnecessary, toxic treatments.

You’ll love his insights, perspectives and his melodious voice. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

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