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Better Than Before Breast Cancer with The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Sep 16, 2022

You know the feeling…you’re tired, maybe dealing with a cold, a long week, too many appointments, needs, demands and you can feel it inside of you, you’re so over it.  

You’ve known for a while that things need to dial back and slow down.

You can feel you’ve been suppressing emotions but know there’s no holding back. It’s here, it’s real, you’re done. 

What if you let that be OK? 

In this episode, I’ll tell you how it could help you to take better care of yourself if you allow yourself to get over it, instead of OK with it. 

You’ll hear about what happens when you give yourself space to be over cancer, over treatments, appointments, scans, and obligations. 

At the end of the day, you get to decide what works in your life and how. 

But sometimes you have to get over it to see it.