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Better Than Before Breast Cancer with The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

May 23, 2023

Going through breast cancer can throw your life into a spin. And one of the things that might cause your spin-out to speed up is considering all the changes people tell you that you have to make to be “safe” from getting cancer again.

You might hear everything from changing your diet to the brand of underwear you choose. Then there’s your drinking water, your cleaning products, your skin care…and here comes the spin.

In this episode, I want to help you slow down the spin-out while understanding the first step to why lowering your toxic burden is truly important and how you can approach it in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

The last thing we need in our lives is more stress and anxiety. So, listen in to hear how you can lessen your toxic load in ways that work for you so you can stay calm and clean.


Referred to in this episode:

Dirty Dozen
Clean 15

Endocrine disruptors