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Better Than Before Breast Cancer with The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Feb 13, 2024

The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer can lead to a powerful disconnect from the body. 

Many survivors feel betrayed by their own bodies and often that distance piles onto existing body image issues. 

Sadly, when we lose connection with our bodies, there’s no way we can care for them in the ways necessary to support healing. 

We lose sight of the magical interplay of our biology and how every part of our system has an important role and how strong and vital our connection to nature is. 

Over recent decades this has led to a frightening reduction in the healthy biodiversity of the human gut. 

In this episode, I hope to help you understand the beautiful ecosystem that is your body, and how important it is to understand the simple steps you can take to support increasing your own biodiversity. 

Our gut health isn’t just a matter of poo. 

Like the roots of a great tree is the foundation of the forest, our gut health affects our entire system, and getting to know and love how to support gut health can be a game changer for your body. 


Listen now and hear about: 

How human gut diversity is changing 

What’s causing that to happen. 

How our health is impacted by these changes 

How you can turn the tide to support your metabolic health 


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