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Better Than Before Breast Cancer with The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Nov 22, 2019

Fear of recurrence is one of the many hurdles that's common to recovering from cancer and it's treatments.

You get a weird pain, you feel too tired, you catch too many think you have cancer again. 

Studies claim that nearly 40% of survivors have moderate to severe anxiety surrounding the fear of a breast cancer recurrence.

In this episode you'll hear about my recent experience connecting with others about the fear of recurrence. 

You'll also hear how worry and anxiety are actually different from each other. How worry might lead to less fear, but anxiety can have deep repercussions on our mental and physical well being.

I'll also give you some simple steps to help keep anxiety at bay and lead to less fearful thinking.

Resources for this episode:
Predicting Fear of Breast Cancer Recurrence and Self-Efficacy in Survivors by Age at diagnosis

10 Crucial Differences Between Worry and Anxiety

Cancer Worry Scale

Laura's Free Guide- CARE 4 Steps to Healing After Breast Cancer

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