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Better Than Before Breast Cancer with The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Dec 25, 2020

My sister always say’s “You can ask her anything, she’s an open book.” 

When I started this podcast, I thought that philosophy was an important one. If I don’t share my own struggles and how I get through them, then my show is really about preaching more than coaching and connecting. 

But sharing isn’t always easy…like with this show. 

have to work through the thoughts and fears around revealing my circumstances just like everyone else, and sometimes that takes a while. 

I’ve learned to trust my intuition, my gut when it comes to the right timing of things, which is why I know that it’s the right time to talk about my circumstances now. 

Maybe it’s because someone else needs to hear them, maybe I just need to be an open book. 

Either way, this show is without question the most difficult one I’ve ever had to do because I never thought it would be one I needed to do. 


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