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Better Than Before Breast Cancer with The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Feb 20, 2020

When you go through breast cancer treatment, there’s a lot of pain involved physically, emotionally and spiritually.

However, as you’re going through the pain, you’re also being told to be strong, be a warrior, fight harder, and it’s really tough to do that when you’re in pain and feeling, vulnerable.

So, when you finish treatment, you’ve got all these conflicting emotions and disconnects within you and often, between you and the ones you love.

Sometimes you can’t even consciously identify these emotions, you just know that you’re having meltdowns, you’re feeling anxious, or misunderstood or alone.

If you try to talk about it, you might be met with comments like, “You’re ok now” or “Just stay strong”

But what if you chose not to be strong?

What if you chose to say, “Actually, I’m not ok?”

In today’s show I talk about exactly that.

I’ll tell you why it’s important to acknowledge the pain you’ve actually been through and how doing that will move you forward to a place where you can change your story from one of being a victim of cancer to one of being a victor in life.

You’ll hear about:
-How your reactions to news about others is an indicator of your own suppressed emotions

-How putting language and words to your emotions starts the healing process

-How emotions are stored in the body and how identifying them can lead to release

-How you are so much more as a human being because of your experience.

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