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The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Jan 15, 2022

Sometimes our biggest barrier to change is the belief that we shouldn’t have negative thoughts.

After working so hard to stay positive, think healthier thoughts, and adopt a good mindset, negative thoughts should go away, right?

Not so fast…

Your brain is wired to avoid pain and keep you safe.

So, it is always going...

Jan 7, 2022

What is a balanced life?

Recently, I've been exploring this idea a lot.

I started off thinking a balanced life meant finding just the right formula for work, health, family, and social.

But that led to more stress and I could never find the right amount of time to fit it all in.

Plan B...only say yes to what you love...

Jan 1, 2022

No matter how far off plan life takes you, time is never wasted.

Life is happening.

Whether it's happening the way you want it to or not, it's still happening.

A new year always feels exciting and like a fresh start.

But, if you take the same defeating thoughts into it, little will change.

This is a great time of year...

Dec 10, 2021

There’s so much to do!

How many times in your life, especially at this time of year, have you told yourself you’re overwhelmed because of the number of demands in your life?

You tell yourself you’re overwhelmed because of all the emotions you’re feeling or all the decisions you have to make.

What if you could...

Nov 26, 2021

Today marks my 58th year of life and 10 years of managing breast cancer. 

I’ve learned a lot in my time here on earth and as I look forward to my 59th year, there are three things that I will be intentional about reducing in my life. 

In this show, I’ll share those three things with you and how they can subtly...