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The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

May 20, 2022

Finding yourself on this side of a breast cancer diagnosis is not easy. It’s not something you expect to happen in your life and it’s not something you expect to have long-lasting repercussions. Yet, it does. The trauma of treatment and survival and the unsettling space of adjusting to life after treatment can have...

May 13, 2022

When life throws something at you out of left field your brain goes straight to fear.  We are conditioned to think in scarcity. 

The more unexpected things that happen, the more fear you can fall into until it feels crushing. 

So, how do you get out of feeling crushed? 

You create space. 

You explore options. 


May 6, 2022

What would happen if we took “normal” off the table and looked at life with fresh eyes to decide what we want it to look like going forward? 

It’s so interesting how easy it is to get caught up in doing life the same way we always have for no other reason than, that’s what we know. 

We do what we’re...

Apr 29, 2022

When you get diagnosed with or find yourself managing a serious illness, integrating the medical system into your life can be a challenge.  You may have never considered what you expect from a doctor, a hospital, an imaging center, or your insurance company until you find yourself feeling unnoticed, unworthy, or...

Apr 22, 2022

Life after breast cancer often starts off with one big question, “Who am I now?” 

If you’re not   

- the healthy one 

- the one who never takes medicine 

- the one who has boundless energy 

- the one who _______ (fill in the blank) 

Then who are you? 

How do you show up like you “used to” when you don’t feel...