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The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Jul 7, 2017

In honor of celebrating my 6th year of surviving breast cancer, I reached out to other survivors and asked them to share their unique stories to motivate and inspire other survivors.

This interview is with 11-year Army veteran, and mother of four, Gail Matthews. When I first spoke with Gail I was touched by her sense of compassion and gentleness.

When I heard her story, I was moved by her honesty, and I thought that hearing about how she dealt with fear and how she stood up for herself during breast cancer treatment is something that other survivors could understand and identify with.

More than anything else though, I love the way Gail has come through treatment with an even bigger heart that is open to seeing and connecting to the needs of others with a belief that we need to be good to ourselves and give more hugs!

I know you'll enjoy listening to this lovely woman.